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These high-performance 2-LOCK Cable Ties with Double Metal Tooth provide maximum reliability and safety. With a high-quality locking system based on a stainless steel cage with double tooth, these cable ties provide perfect resistance to vibrations and dynamic loads.
Cable ties 2-LOCK with double stainless steel tooth are smooth and the locking cage can be applied anywhere along the length of the tie.
In places exposed to the sun we recommend using a black color of cable ties (they are resistant to UV radiation).

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Name / part number Length [mm] Width [mm] colour Add
2-lock 100x2.5 black 100 2,5 černá
2-lock 100x2.5 black
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2-lock 100x2.5 natural 100 2,5 natural
2-lock 100x2.5 natural
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2-lock 140x3.5 black 140 3,5 černá
2-lock 140x3.5 black
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2-lock 140x3.5 natural 140 3,5 natural
2-lock 140x3.5 natural
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2-lock 200x2.5 black 200 2,5 černá
2-lock 200x2.5 black
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2-lock 200x2.5 natural 200 2,5 natural
2-lock 200x2.5 natural
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2-lock 200x3.5 black 200 3,5 černá
2-lock 200x3.5 black
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2-lock 200x3.5 natural 200 3,5 natural
2-lock 200x3.5 natural
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2-lock 200x4.5 black 200 4,5 černá
2-lock 200x4.5 black
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2-lock 200x4.5 natural 200 4,5 natural
2-lock 200x4.5 natural
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2-lock 220x7.5 black 220 7,5 černá
2-lock 220x7.5 black
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2-lock 220x7.5 natural 220 7,5 natural
2-lock 220x7.5 natural
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2-lock 250x4.5 black 250 4,5 černá
2-lock 250x4.5 black
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2-lock 250x4.5 natural 250 2,5 natural
2-lock 250x4.5 natural
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2-lock 290x3.5 black 290 3,5 černá
2-lock 290x3.5 black
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2-lock 290x3.5 natural 290 3,5 natural
2-lock 290x3.5 natural
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2-lock 290x4.5 black 290 4,5 černá
2-lock 290x4.5 black
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2-lock 290x4.5 natural 290 4,5 natural
2-lock 290x4.5 natural
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2-lock 360x4.5 black 360 4,5 černá
2-lock 360x4.5 black
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2-lock 360x4.5 natural 360 4,5 natural
2-lock 360x4.5 natural
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2-lock 360x7.5 black 360 7,5 černá
2-lock 360x7.5 black
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2-lock 360x7.5 natural 360 7,5 natural
2-lock 360x7.5 natural
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